Google SRE: When developers and sysadmins collaborate things get better faster

Jan 11, 2012 7:00 pm

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Speaker: Thomas A. Limoncelli, Google NYC

Sysadmin teams and a software development teams have been known to
work closely together, not at all, or somewhere in between. What
happens when the barrier between such groups disappears and the two
teams become one? (The "DevOps" culture.) The recent trend has been
to incorporate “shared responsibility” for operational matters such as
deployment, scalability and performance. As a result projects are
more successful in ways one wouldn’t have expected. Tom will describe
how the Google SRE teams collaborate with developers and learn from
each other.

(This talk will be based on Tom's keynote at the recent Pittsburg Perl Workshop)

Author bio:

Tom is an internationally recognized author, speaker, and system
administrator. His best known books include Time Management for System
Administrators (O'Reilly) and The Practice of System and Network
Administration (Addison-Wesley). In 2005 he received the SAGE
Outstanding Achievement Award. He works at Google in NYC on the Ganeti
project ( is his blog.

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